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With 30+ years experience of professional live theatre performance, GLP molds transcending artists into captivating artistic professionals.

Using talent, skill and past training as a theatre producer and administrator, our objective is to improve overall business and enhance theatre and film productions.


      That's what we do.



Taron Patton is a producer, actress, director, artistic administrator, a screenwriting editor and "a whole lotta thangs". GLP PRODUCTIONS, LLC was created in 2017 in the city of Chicago to provide employment for artists, designers, playwrights and entertainment institutions dedicated to artistic excellence at a professional wage nationwide.  Most producers in the entertainment industry must sacrifice using union professionals due to lack of resources, which often results in mediocre production value.  GLP is seeking entertainment companies who need a producer who can facilitate professional services that include administration and financing to ensure that they will be successful and competitive in landscape entertainment today.   

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